Thursday August 21, 2014

The African University College of Communications (AUCC) will establish a School of Film and Multimedia Studies (SFMS) in September 2012.

The vision of the School is to provide Africa with cutting-edge training opportunities in Acting, Film Production, Design, Animation, and Media & Theatre Arts. Students of this course will receive world standard instruction, as well as benefit from exposure to the rich experiences of reputed institutions worldwide.

The SFMS will begin by offering certificate and diploma programmes, in collaboration with a best-in-class Indian film institution. AUCC’s SFMS will ‘unearth the creative energies of Africa, through collaborations with reputable institutions around the world, in the construction of a new multi-media entertainment environment, which meets the demands of an increasingly changing media, and communication world.’(Chair of the new school, Professor Emeritus Reggie Jackson says “AUCC is poised to maintain its leadership in communication education, by offering world-standard courses and programmes in multimedia studies, both in the classroom and online, and while giving it a business orientation”.

AUCC, in its tenth anniversary this year, is a UNESCO-recognized Centre of Reference in communication education, and currently has enrolled students from ten (10) African countries. It currently offers Bachelors degree courses in Communication Studies and Business Administration; and is preparing to launch its Masters programmes this year. According to Professor Jackson, Bachelors and Masters degree programmes in Multimedia Studies have also been lined up to be introduced soon.

AUCC’s School of Film and Multimedia Studies (SFMS) will, among other functions, provide practitioners in acting, film-production, multimedia, animation, media and theatre arts with certified professional skills. The school will also make available, skills in the specific chosen fields in Asia, America and the other parts of the world, to African students: enabling them to perform according to world standards, while encouraging Africans to create themes in their own cultures as their enriching contribution to world theatre and multi-media scholarship.

Released by AUCC Communication Department


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