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B.A. in Communication Studies

Communication Studies

B.A. in Communication Studies

AUCC is accredited by the National Accreditation Board and affiliated with the University of Ghana for the running of its four-year B.A. degree programme in Communication Studies. The ultimate goal of the School is to help improve and develop media/communication practices and standards in the country and on the continent.

In fostering this goal, the University College requires that all courses offered assess student mastery of specific core values and competencies that we believe every graduate of journalism and mass communication programme should possess. To learn more about our admissions criteria, click here.

The programme provides a broad liberal arts education and specialised professional training in various aspects of the media. It is built around a course structure made up of liberal arts core courses, Africana Studies minor courses, broad communication theory, elective courses, and a broad range of professional specialisation training courses.

The AUCC School of Communication Studies prepares students to be:

  • Leaders in the media and communications field in Ghana, globally and Africa.

  • Independent and critical thinking scholars and professionals.

  • Theoretically grounded professionals who have understanding of the role and impact of communication in today's society.

Course of Study

In the first two years at the University College, students will pursue a general course of study intended to fulfill the school’s core liberal studies and communication requirements.

Students will be assigned to their specific departments of study at the end of the last semester of Level 200. Students have to apply to their department of choice, and may have to meet specific entry requirements, before receiving admission. Each department will have to publicise and make known to students its specific entry requirements at the beginning of their course of study.

Areas of Specialisation

The programme has been structured to produce communications professionals who will graduate with the following specialisations in four departmental areas:
  • Journalism
  • Strategic Communication
  • Visual & Digital Communication (Photojournalism, Graphics & Web Design, Multimedia, Video Production)
  • Development Communication

Award of Degree

At the end of the programme, a student will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Communication Studies degree with the appropriately designated specialisation provided he/she was properly admitted to the programme, followed the approved courses of study over the prescribed period, has satisfied all conditions of the university, including the academic requirements, faculty requirements and statutory administrative requirements

Areas of Specialisation

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