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Faculty Advising

Faculty Advising

The Advising Process @ AUCC

Beginning with the 2015/16 academic year, all students will be assigned a faculty advisor.

The relationship between advisor and student is an important part of your academic career. Your advisor is a wonderful resource for information on a wide variety of topics. This relationship is a two-way street. Although there are certain times during the year that your advisor will contact you, it is the student’s responsibility to seek help when needed.

Advisor/Student Relationship and Responsibilities

Advisor Responsibilities
  • Clarify AUCC policies and procedures
  • Provide an overview of curriculum and major options
  • Help students develop academic and career goals
  • Assist students with methods for working through academic issues
  • Role model professional behavior for students
  • Make referrals to university support services as needed

Student Responsibilities
  • Acquaint yourself with your advisor
  • Schedule and keep appointments with your advisor
  • Come to appointments prepared with a copy of your Programme Sheet
  • Check your Programme Sheets periodically to track your progress toward graduation and contact your academic advisor if you find problems.
  • Seek assistance as soon as a problem arises – do not wait!
  • Check your email account regularly for updates from your advisor and AUCC
  • Identify policies and dates relevant to your academic success

Students can make appointments with their academic advisor to discuss their academic plan, or if they are having trouble adjusting to academically or socially.

Remember that academic advising is a collaborative process that consists of a meeting each semester with a faculty/department member who serves as your faculty advisor. The role of your faculty advisor is to assist you in exploring short and long-term academic goals and to clarify AUCC educational requirements. Your role is to make decisions concerning your educational plan, to understand AUCC degree requirements, and to select suitable courses to achieve your academic goals.

If you have any questions regarding the advising process, please contact the following:
  • Level 300-400 students: Dean, School of Communication Studies (Communication students) Dean, Sam E. Jonah School of Business (Business students)
  • Level 100-200 students: Programme Coordinator, Liberal Arts

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