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Our Regulations

Our Regulations

Each student is expected to be familiar with the general information as well as information pertaining to the School and Department in which he/she is enrolled. Students shall therefore be held liable for any lapses.

When in doubt, students may consult their Academic Advisor, Programme Co-ordinators of Student Affairs for advice. It is understood that every student, by the act of registration, agrees to abide by all the rules, regulations and policies of the University and of their specific departments.

Exemption from any of these general regulations may be granted only by express permission of the Academic Board and on the recommendation of a Head of Department. The University College reserves the right to change rules, regulations and policies, as well as programmes and course requirements without prior notice.

Students are required to register for courses every semester. A student who is not able to complete the degree programme within the specified programme duration may be allowed to re-register for an additional two years. Students who wish to interrupt their academic programme must write to inform the University College for approval.

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